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VanMeer 60

1 August 2020 ,

A Dutch design icon built to unmatched perfection

What can you expect from a unique Dutch built hull combined with the most complete and authentic yacht designer in The Netherlands and finished by the top of yacht building available in Holland. Obvious a one of a kind yacht. The VanMeer® brand combines the latest technology with timeless and breathtaking design created by a team that is constantly challenging to improve the on water enjoyment combined with performance and style.

Naval Architect Olivier van Meer designs each unique VanMeer® for her owner. An owner who does not think in compromises and expects the highest level of quality, guidance and service.

The  Van  Meer®  range  comes  in  60’,  80’  and  100’  models. The  Van  Meer®  60’  is  available  with  inboard  or  outboard propulsion version. 

For  the  total  range   electric  and   hydrogen  versions  are   in development.


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