news   Olivier van Meer presents new Puffin.

Olivier van Meer presents new Puffin.

14 November 2012 ,

Puffin 30, The riddle of the sands.

With three 42 ' Puffins under construction, the often copied, but never equalled, fleet of Puffin Yachts is growing steadily. The recently held trial cruise with the latest addition, the Puffin 30', was a great success. All Puffins have the proven centreboard system which they can sail from Cape Wrath to the shallow Frisian lakes, the Puffin 30 ' is a complete and true coastal roller. She is fitted with fixed bilge keels with self raising process; the rudder also has an ascending part. This allows sailing in water depths of up to 65cm without having to perform any actions. When beached the boat is stable. Apart from the endless possibilities in shallow water it’s not at the expense of the sailing qualities. What’s remarkable are the excellent sailing and manoeuvring characteristics. At the trial run 14 knots wind speed and a speed of 8.9 knots was measured.

Much attention has been paid to the finish inside and out, especially to the simplicity. Lightweight, rigid and strong materials aimed at minimum of maintenance. The 'Riddle of the Sands' is being built by Puffin Yachts in Enkhuizen both in aluminium and in core-cell/epoxy. Each Puffin is built to order and that means that customers’ specific requirements can easily be met. The first aluminium model was recently delivered to the Royal Marine Yacht Club, as an addition to their diverse fleet of sailing yachts. This is not the first relationship between Olivier van Meer and the dutch Royal Navy fleet. For the dutch Royal Navy Olivier vanMeer previously designed the traingship HMS "Urania" and rebuilt the inspection vessel HMS "Tydeman”.


The construction period of the Puffin 30' is about 6 months, completely ready to sail and deliverable (in corecell/epoxy) for a price of Euro 129.000,- excluding VAT.