"It is my pleasure to introduce you to my team of naval architects, designers and engineers.
Having sailed boats since I was a child, I have always dreamed of devoting my career to searching for the perfect lines for the classics of the future.

Today, I am proud to be surrounded by a team of passionate and highly experienced specialists.

We share a passion and a goal – to create the best designs for you and make the sea an even more beautiful place to enjoy.  


Have a look at our fleet. My dream came true, and still continues. To fulfill yours, come and share in the dedication and enthusiasm of the OVM team."


Olivier van Meer





Born on a gaff schooner, Olivier van Meer sailed over 100.000 miles before he became the youngest licensed captain in the Netherlands. He produced his first designs, often inspired by the maritime environment of his sailing area, as a teenager and during his early professional sailing career on yachts and professional sailing and motor vessels.

In 1985, Olivier decided to follow his dreams and founded the OVM office for naval architecture, design and engineering, surrounding himself with specialists who shared his passion.                                                                                                                      

This team represents the OVM signature – the search for the ultimate lines, up-to-date know how, and perfect design skills, combined with practical experience over many nautical miles.


What we do

The OVM office has been involved in the construction, conversion and refit of over 600 projects since 1985, including private yachts as well as professional craft, new builds as well as conversions and refits.

We develop comprehensive, ready-to-build sail and motor designs and concepts, always searching for authentic and balanced lines. Beauty at sea is our responsibility too.

In the majority of our projects, we are responsible for the overall design, naval architecture and engineering. But we also provide owners and yards with separate designs, naval architecture, engineering, consultancy and project management services. For many owners and yards we also work in cooperation with other specialists, in which case we concentrate on a specific part of the project only.

OVM has many disciplines under one roof and can operate with considerable flexibility, dealing with everything from aesthetic and creative issues to technical, ready-to-build solutions.

Our broad range of expertise and know-how is available as a tailored answer to a single question or as a comprehensive consultation for a more complex issue. 


Our in-house services include:

  • New build
  • Refits
  • Classic restaurations / renovations / conversions
  • Building supervision / project management
  • Owners representative
  • Exterior design
  • Interior Design   
  • Stability Calculations
  • Update routine with Class and Flagstate authorities
  • In- and exterior styling
  • Lines plans
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Cutting files for hull building
  • CAM files for interior building
  • Production drawings for construction and interior
  • Sail- and rigging plans and calculations  
  • Concept development
  • Building specification

Many people assume that naval architects, designers or engineers can only be involved in full scale projects. This can be a costly misunderstanding. See the list above.



The philosophy of the Olivier van Meer team is to design yachts with stunning lines and an excellent performance combined with practical engineering solutions – not showboats, but serious craft for the master mariner, developed with intensive offshore and live aboard experience.

Our work on both professional and private craft combined with this expertise is an added value in all our projects. Our classic and timeless lines, often trendsetting and always authentic, are based on our office commandments:

• safety & comfort
• reliability & performance
• efficiency throughout the process 
• simplicity
• common sense 
• easy maintenance 
• environmental sustainability
• allowing clients to enjoy and share in the design and building process
• and, last but not least, perfect lines and harmony


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