sailing yachts

Custom Build

Our philosophy concerning sailing can be explained in just a few words.

Our goal is to create fast and ingenious yachts for master mariners which will turn heads in every port.

Up-to-date theoretical knowledge and advanced tools – such as tank and wind tunnel testing and advanced speed prediction programs – combined with extensive sailing and practical boatbuilding experience make it possible to achieve the ultimate goal: A comfortable, fast and safe sailing experience that is far above the average in every way.

An example of an issue often ignored on sailing yachts is ensuring that technical components and spaces are easy to reach and service. Thanks to our sailing experience, we make few concessions when it comes to engineering solutions for quick repair/ replacement, safe and workable technical spaces, and logical and redundant systems.

Puffin® Sailing Yachts

Puffin® is a registered trademark by Olivier  van Meer Design BV. Ever since the first boat in this range was launched in 1994, this totally new concept has been an inspiration to many designers and yards. Seaworthiness, a substantial deck saloon, broad deck spaces, unbelievable interior volume, one-of-a-kind looks – the Puffin range of yachts remains unbeatable for sailing performance, interior design and high-end finishing.

Thanks to constant updates to our engineering based on the experiences of our worldwide client base, Puffin remains far ahead in its total concept. The price/ quality ratio reflects the state of the art in detailing and custom construction. Exclusively built by VMG Yachtbuilders and sold by Puffin Yachts in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, and with our constant personal supervision, the Puffin range is set to remain the Rolls Royce of sailing cutters for a long time to come.

VMG Yachtbuilders

Zaca sailing yachts

Zaca® is created and owned as a registered trademark by Olivier van Meer. It was the logical follow up on the successful Puffin® range and incorporates its specific elements, such as enhanced performance, extraordinary seaworthiness, broad interior space and unique centreboard system for draught reduction.These models are sold and built exclusively by Acico Yachts in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. If Puffin® is the ultimate cutter yacht, Zaca® as the ultimate lady of the sea: Her elegance speaks for itself.