news   Launched Puffin 37 2.0

Launched Puffin 37 2.0

20 May 2017 ,

By building the latest Puffin 37, frankly the brand entered a new era. It was the first boat to be built completely by the current exclusive builder VMG Yachtbuilders in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, but it was also the first Puffin to be built completely

The loss of weight compared to aluminium, allowed for a different, slimmer, underwater ship. All of this together with a higher, more modern rig, made up for a lively and fast sailing classic under a brand that stands for decades already.

Puffins are still truly future classics with their genuine marine woodwork and pure craftsmanship in every detail. The heritage of 60 predecessors is still absolutely clear. Using modern techniques and materials do not violate timeless aesthetics, when applied the right way.

For the real lover of traditional classic sailing yachts, there’s still no alternative to the Puffin, with her characteristic deckhouse windows, tumble home, heart-shaped stern and slightly negative bow.

It’s exactly the combination of high end Dutch built quality with a lonely position in the market that makes the Puffins remain valuable, even over a longer period of time.

Of course any Puffin is still available in aluminium as well as steel and equipped with any rig desired, as it’s all part of the semi-custom concept Puffin is!