94' topsail schooner 'Johanna Lucretia'

Type of ship 94' topsail schooner 'Johanna Lucretia'
Hull material wood
Length hull 28.65 m
Beam 5.50 m
Draft 2.45 m
Rig typetopsail schooner
Sail area 380 m²

Johanna Lucretia was originally built in 1945 in Gent, Belgium, as a motor fishing vessel (based on the lines-plan of a French sailing cargo schooner) to be deployed in the northern North Sea area.
Olivier van Meer’s father, Ber F. van Meer built her from scratch starting in 1953 and restored her massive oak hull completely.
This was the first seagoing sailing charter vessel in the Netherlands. In a way, it was also the cradle in which Olivier van Meer was born and raised. He re-rigged her in 1985 and turned her into one of the fastest schooners in her size.
Together with his parents, Olivier has sailed approximately 70,000nm on this rare beauty.