111m Barkentine 'Star Flyer'

Type of ship 111m Barkentine 'Star Flyer'
Length hull 111.00 m
Beam 15 m
Draft 5,73 m
Sail area 2600 m²

With a length of 111m, the four-masted Barquentines Star Flyer and Star Clipper are some of the tallest sailing passenger vessels in the world. Both were built in Belgium in 1992-1993. Olivier F. van Meer did the complete design of their sail and deck plan including all constructions and calculations. He also developed a very successful and unique hydraulic in-furl system for her square sails; 1200m² can be handled by one person from the deck. The total sail area is 2600m². In addition to many other details of the vessel that were designed and calculated by Olivier van Meer, his company also rigged both ships, trained their crew and conducted the seatrials.

Film Star Flyer

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