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Square Riggers & Tall-Ships

The Olivier van Meer office has designed and participated in the largest number of square rigged and tall ships in the Netherlands. We divide them into three categories:
• sail passenger vessels (SPV)
• sail training vessels (STV)
• square rigged yachts (SRY)

In addition to the traditional sailing systems which we use for sail training vessel projects, in 1990 we developed an in-furl system and pushbutton solution for bracing square sails.

This system has been deployed on many sail passenger vessels over the last 20 years, including some of the largest SPVs in existence. It allows just one crew member to operate a mast with 1200 m² of square sails from deck. Other SPVs of 95 m in length, four masts and a total of 2500 m² of sails can be operated by just six sailing crew. The system is fully approved by the classification societies.

We are presently preparing drawings for a number of new large square rigged yachts, based on the same shorthanded cruising concept.