Type of ship Flexxliving

Building Stones for endless flexibility

This versitile building stone concept is designed and engineered by Olivier van Meer Design BV, Wijdenes, The Netherlands, in close collaboration with Rolf Gast, Marina Dusseldorf, Germany, who is specific responsible for the Sales & Marketing of FlexxLiving®. 

The FlexxLiving® concept is based upon the measurements of a 40’ container; the FlexxLiving® unit.

The units can be connected and combined in almost any configuration.

The unit can be mounted on a floater (FlexxLiving® LakeSide) or the same floater is used as the units foundation on land (Country Side).

For a LakeSide floating unit a minimum of two units and floaters are necesarry. 



The following to be read with the guiding drawings.


Construction elements

A FlexxLiving® unit consists of standard construction elements of closed insulated sea water resistant aluminium (ALMG 4.5) profiles (the ‘bones’), these pre-fabricated constructions includes technical piping and cables for water, electricity, sewage etc. The ‘bones’ can be connected like a bus system throughout one or more combined FlexxLiving® units. 

The standard pre-fab construction elements can be connected with a universal connection system. 

The aluminium ‘bones’ are strong, non corrosive and a durable mass product.



In between these construction elements pre-fabricated composite wall, roof and floor panels can be placed.

These panels are fully finished from the inside as well as at the outside, they are insulated and can be mounted with a universal connection system.

The panels can come in any choosen surface or function:

-        Glass

-        Solar panels

-        Stone/marble like

-        Painted

-        Vegetation

-        Wood

-        Any finishing you can think of.

Whatever finish is used, each panel is a fully standard and pre-fab product and can be fabricated in mass production by a specific specialist; glass manufacterer, solar producer, carpentry factory, etc.


Because of the enormous strength of the composite panels many of the above mentioned aluminium construction elements can be left away (dependig on the configuration of units) in order to combine units and create bigger spaces. The composite prefab mass produced panels need almost no maintenance and can be easely replaced for technical or styling reasons. 


The same prefab panel system can be used for the internal FlexxLiving® layout.

Sanitary units are also pre-fabricated and can be installed instantly.